Pearless (AG.0017)

Pearless is a private coffee farm estate managed by Tropical Farm Management. The 50-acre farm is located in Njeng’u, Nyeri County, at an altitude of 1,750-1,800 m.

Pearless Farm grows coffee but has no on-site processing facilities. It has 29,925 trees and produced 39,000 kgs of coffee on average in the years 2017 and 2018. Pearless uses sprinklers and overhead irrigation infrastructure for irrigation, disease and pest control. In the dry season, overhead irrigation mimics rainfall. Pearless Farm provides employment opportunities to the local community.

Tropical Farm Management sells the beans directly to the N.K.G mills in Ruiru, Nyeri County, for wet and dry milling. Pearless produces its coffee with pride and care and sells it with dignity and with knowledge and understanding of the coffee market and its customers’ needs. Pearless Farm aims to improve the quality of life of its coffee farmers by seeking better prices and higher returns through promoting sustainable, production, processing and marketing technologies.