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Coffee quality

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Quality is determined by the combination of the physical appearance of the green bean and the roasted coffee and more importantly the cup quality after tasting

Coffee characteristics and processes that affect quality

  • Presence or absence of extraneous material like stones or twigs: Drying and cleaning
  • Wrinkled beans: Drying
  • Cracking/shrunken and boat shaped beans: Drying
  • Nipped or deformed coffee: Pulping
  • Overall cup quality (aroma, thickness of the brew, taste, flavour and acidity): Picking, storage, washing, soaking, cleaning, pulping, and fermentation
  • Fruity cup: Pulping
  • Mustiness or foxy beans: Fermentation
  • Foxy beans: Bagging
  • Mould (Ochratoxin A): Drying, diseases, and pests